University Libraries now accessible via newly launched AUB Mobile App

January 20, 2016

We are glad to announce that the University Libraries are now accessible via the newly launched AUB Mobile App.

Under the “Library” tab, users can access the SearchALL service at the libraries, and can also view our research guides and read our latest news. Users can also chat with a librarian for quick questions.

Announcing the application earlier today, AUB’s Executive Office  said, “The new AUB mobile application is now available on the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores thanks to the collaboration with the Office of Information Technology and the Office of Communications.

The app allows you to check holds, grades, schedule, deadlines, academic calendar, as well as program offerings. . . The mobile application also facilitates search for library books and articles as well as access to e-learning (Moodle), Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE) and the latest issue of MainGate magazine.”

We hope this is convenient to our patrons and we look forward to receiving your comments and questions via the mobile application.

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