UL at the “AUB Innovation Day”: Redesign your Library Experience and Win

November 19, 2015

As a participant in the second “AUB Innovation Day” held on November 16th in West Hall, the University Libraries had a booth under the theme of “Redesign your Library Experience and Win”, where students were asked to redesign a place, a process, or any experience at the Libraries.

After the event, a panel from the University Libraries reviewed all entries and the best entry won an external hard drive offered by the libraries. The panel evaluated 25 entries and voted for the winner, Eliane Shwairi, who was announced on the afternoon of Thursday, November 19th 2015.

Student participation and interaction was impressive and library staff members got the chance to hear students’ perspective and to share and discuss ideas related to the libraries and their services.

The rules of the game were simple: 1) Redesign a process or a place in the Libraries by writing or drawing something; 2) No nagging! Students were encouraged to give solutions and not only state problems; 3) Individual entries only: students were asked to provide full name, AUB ID and email; 4) Limit: One side of a single A4 sheet.

Although the competition was limited to one winner, many of the ideas communicated during this event were very helpful and applicable. The libraries look at those suggestions as constructive and will always attempt to meet the students’ and researchers’ expectations using all available resources.

About the “AUB Innovation Day”

“AUB Innovation Day” is a yearly event organized by the Center for Research and Innovation (and Entrepreneurship). This year it was organized in collaboration with the AUB Nature Conservation Center (NCC), partnering with Darwazah Center for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship and student clubs. The event aims to celebrate innovation in different fields by creatively engaging AUB community in educational interactive activities and rewarding competitions while introducing the concepts of innovation management and entrepreneurship. It also highlights the resources available at AUB supporting innovative projects.

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