SML closed due to renovation but reference services continue uninterrupted

November 4, 2015

As part of the ongoing upgrade of medical students’ library facilities, the reading area at the Saab Medical Library (SML) will undergo a major renovation starting early November. This renovation is made possible by a generous donation from the Saab Foundation and from AUB’s financial support .

This will be the first renovation at SML since its inauguration in 1975.  The new reading room will include more ergonomic chairs and carrels, providing more space and privacy for users, in addition to individual and easily accessible power outlets. The new reading room will also feature enhanced lighting and a new computer lab.

The renovation will take around three months to be completed. Accordingly, it is expected that the new SML reading area will open in early 2016.  All other rooms at the SML building, such as the Histology room and the computer labs on the second floor, the lobby and the offices will remain accessible and functional during the renovation period. More importantly, the reference services will continue uninterrupted.

We appreciate your patience through any inconvenience this may cause while we modernize our medical students’ experience at the Library.

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