Brazilian delegation from the Brazil-Lebanon Chamber of Commerce visits the University Libraries

November 3, 2015

A Brazilian delegation of more than 20 Lebanese-Brazilians from the Brazil-Lebanon Chamber of Commerce visited Jafet Library as part of their trip to their homeland, Lebanon.

The group visited the AUB Libraries and enjoyed an hour-long guided tour of the premises on the morning of Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. They were received by several University librarians from various departments and attended informative discussions and presentations.

The guests’ enthusiasm towards their Lebanese origin was clear throughout their visit.

Among the visitors were members of Mr. Nami Jafet’s family, who were especially touched by this visit to the Library, founded by their great grandfather.

During the visit, a sample of the Library collections, related to the Lebanese diaspora in Brazil and to the history of Jafet Library was displayed, allowing visitors to browse publications and photos of and about the lives of their families and ancestors.

It is always a pleasure to receive visitors at the Libraries, especially when they are so enthusiastic about the Lebanese heritage and history. . .

Viva Lebanon! Viva Brasil!

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