Announcement: Winners of the AUB Library Open Day

September 18, 2015

We would like to thank you all AUBites who attended our Library Open Day 2015.

More than 300 AUBites including students, faculty and staff members joined the event and enjoyed a day full of games and competitions that were fun, but that also helped them learn about our services and about AUB’s 150 years’ legacy.

Prizes included: 3 iPads, 1 Iconz tablet, 1 instant camera, 5 External Hard Drives, 6 Prepaid cards worth 250,000LBP each, in addition to more than 150 books, 150 caps and 92 vouchers (offering free meals, trips inside Lebanon or Amazon prepaid amounts). We also distributed more than 2,000 giveaway material and a generous number of snacks.

Below is the list of winners and their respective prizes

All these were thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors and partners:

Sponsors: Levant, Wiley, Emerald, Thomson Reuters, Techknowledge, EBSCO, Proquest, BLOM Shabeb, Benetton, Gandour and Five Stars Tours.

Partners: Promax Adventures and Fitness, Elsevier, Nature, OUP, Cambridge, Taylor and Francis, Footprints Nature Club, Sage, Urbanista, Crepaway, Roadster diner and the AUB Cafeteria.

Our games included a Human-Sized “Libraryopoly” game, a “Book Golf”, a book matching game,  a game named “7illa w St7illa” which involved fulfilling tasks at different departments at the library, a quick questions game, a fun Social Media competition with a photo booth, an archives game and a job matching board game. This was in addition to 3 presentations  that were catered for Faculty and research assistants.

To view our communication material and the event’s photos and announcements, please visit our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter (#AUBLibOD15); Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you all next year at the Library Open Day 2016.



  • 1st iPad Air: Mohammad Mahdi
  • 2nd Mini-iPad: Elsa Hallab
  • 3rd BlomShabeb prepaid card worth LBP250,000: Omar el-Koton

Like to Win – Social Media game

  • 1st Iconzs Tablet: Maamoun el-Saifi
  • 2nd External Hard Disk Kareem Maatouk
  • 3rd Five Stars Tours ($100 voucher) Walaa Ibreek

BLOM Shabeb “Match the Task” game

4 BlomShabeb prepaid cards worth LBP250, 000 each:

  • Nadim Saad
  • Najib Al-Awar
  • Amina Bassyouni
  • Firas Khawaled

Wanted for Digitization Contest

  • 1st Instant Camera: Firas Khawaled
  • 2nd External Hard Disk: Nadia Hassan
  • 3rd Back Pack: Munir Khauli

حلها و استحلها

  • 1st: Mini- iPad: Mohamad Issa
  • 2nd: BlomShabeb prepaid card worth LBP250,000: Mohammad Ali Hamdan
  • 3rd: External Hard Disk: Rami Awar

Archives game

  • External Hard Disk: Mariam Ibrahim

*All winners who did not yet receive their gifts kindly need to go to the Reference Desk at Jafet Library as soon as possible. For those who have won the BLOM Shabeb prepaid cards, you will be contacted by BLOM employees and will need to head to their offices to receive the card and the PIN Number. Make sure you have your ID when you do.

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