The University Libraries take part in the “Fourth Annual Celebration of Student Writing”

April 1, 2015

The University Libraries participated in the Fourth Annual Celebration of Student Writing, which took place on the morning of Tuesday, March 31st between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in West Hall’s Mahmoud Malhas Students Common Room.

Organized by the Department of English and the Communication Skills Program at the American University of Beirut, the Fourth Annual Celebration of Student Writing event was announced under the title: “Words Are All We Have“. The exhibit showcased a wide variety of writing projects that were produced as part of the students’ projects for the Communication Skills Courses.

English 204 and English 250 students, under the supervision and guidance of their instructors, Mrs. Sawsan Maktabi, and Ms. Rula Baalbaki, were asked to write about Comics in the Arab World. They accordingly attended a library session in February to learn about the resources available for their research. They later visited the Library, to view the available comics and choose their papers’ topics. Sample projects and comics titles discussed and analyzed by the students included the following: Gender and Comics; Comics and Bullying; Comics and Religion; Politics and Comics, Tintin and Samir, Little Lulu and Feminism and others.

The comic books made available to students were collected in the context of the Arab Comics Collection, with a supporting grant from the Sawwaf Comics Initiative at AUB, which is a sustained and serious effort to build an in-depth and well-rounded collection of comic books from and about the Arab world.

During the Annual Celebration of Student Writing event, these students’ writing projects were displayed along with all other writings by students from different courses (English 100, 102, 203, 204,206 and 208). The Libraries showcased some of the growing Arab Comics collections at the Libraries, and interacted with students and instructors to answer questions about the Libraries’ collections.

To know more about the Communication Skills Program, visit their website.

To know more about the Comics collection at the Libraries, visit the Arabic Comic Books guide on the Libraries website or contact the Archives and Special Collections department at Jafet Library via email:

To learn more about Sawwaf Comics Initiative at AUB, please visit their website.

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