AUB Libraries participates in the “Annual Archives Day Exhibit” in Sursock Museum

May 26, 2016

On the occasion of International Archives Day, and for the fourth time in Lebanon, members of the Modern Heritage Observatory (MoHO) network are collaborating on a collective exhibition showcasing rare items from their respective collections.

Hosted at the Sursock Museum, and taking place between May 26th, 2016 and June 20th, 2016, this exhibition aims to introduce the public to various endangered heritage collections, giving insights into the value and impact of preserving the region’s modern heritage as a means of safeguarding cultural memory.

The AUB Libraries, the Archives Department, is participating in this exhibit, by showcasing rare material related to the AUB Lee Chahine Observatory. On display will be a mechanical model of the earth, sun and moon, as well as a ledger book, from a hundred years ago, 1916, open to the page recording the meteorological data of that day, a hundred years ago, in addition to a few photos showcasing the Observatory, and its famous dome.

The hope is to draw attention to the fragility of archives, to their usefulness, and to the interconnection existing between sustainable living, memory, and future generations.

Come one, come many and help us celebrate International Archives Day!

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