Second workshop of the Lecture series “Writing a Master’s Thesis: Research is a Conversation”

April 28, 2016

The University Libraries held the second workshop of the lecture series entitled “Writing a Master’s Thesis: Research is a Conversation”, in collaboration with the AUB Writing Center and the Graduate Council and was catered for graduate students . The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at AUB was a new addition to the workshop which was entitled: ‘Finding Your Place in the Conversation’.

More than 20 graduate students from different faculties at AUB attended the workshop which was held on Monday, April 27th 2016 in the Antoun Ghattas Karam e-Classroom at Jafet Library.

During the workshop, many issues regarding the thesis proposal were discussed including thesis proposal committees and deadlines, how to write a thesis proposal, IRB application submission and review process, and how to find theses abstracts using library resources.

To know more about the previous workshop and about the lecture series, view our previous blog post.

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