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29 Nov

Exhibit: “AUB through Wars: WWI and WWII”

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As part of AUB’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the AUB Libraries, Archives and Special Collections, are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibit

“AUB through Wars: WWI and WWII”

on December 5th at 6:00 p.m. at Mahmoud Malhas Common Room, West Hall

The exhibit will be open between December 6th and December 9th, 9:00-5:00 p.m.

It showcases a big number of documents, photos, diaries, oral history interviews from our special and archival collections, and it tells the story of AUB’s resilience, its regional ascendency and vision, its deep social commitment and wide public service. Also featured will be excerpts from oral history interviews about the Lebanese civil war.

We hope to see you there. Come one, come many!”

28 Nov

AUB Outdoors Committee supports expansion and renovation of Jafet Library’s Reference Reading Room

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Jafet Library’s Reference reading area has been expanded with a newly renovated room to accommodate 45 additional seats thanks to financial support from the 2016 AUB Outdoors Committee, who donated $50,000 to create much needed new study space for students at the Library.

The new study room is modern and well-lit, overlooking the sea view of the AUB campus. It is tailored to students’ daily needs in terms of bigger desk space, individual power outlets, and new furniture. It will help the Libraries go a step forward towards improving students’ experiences when using Library facilities.

President Khuri, Interim Provost Mohamed Harajli, VP Imad Baalbaki, Dean Nezameddin and many members of the AUB Outdoors Committee, Jafet staff members and special guests gathered in Jafet Library on the afternoon of November 28th to inaugurate the new study room.

Dr. Lokman Meho, Director of the University Libraries, addressed the attendees first, thanking the Outdoors Committee, the President, VP Baalbaki, Dean Nezameddin, the Physical Plant, and the Library team for their remarkable support and work. He highlighted the importance of this project in times when Library reading areas are packed with students, whose numbers at AUB have multiplied while the Library space stayed intact, saying that “we very much thank the 2016 Outdoor Committee for their thoughtfulness and for helping the Libraries provide better student services and partially address one of the most popular students’ Library needs, that is, increasing and enhancing student seating capacity in the Libraries.”

AUB President, Dr. Fadlo Khuri took the stage next and addressed the students saying “We’re tinkering with many things with the students, and eventually they will all work out to your advantage. I’m proud to say that so far we’ve kept our word to invest more resources- not just funds- but time in students-specific activities including the dorms, renovating the library and other major enterprises.”

About these projects, Dr. Khuri said “This is an investment. We believe you are the future leaders of the societies in Lebanon, the Arab world and beyond. . .You need some additional resources so that you leave here [AUB] more empowered than when you come here… This isn’t charity. This is an investment that will come good for decades to come.” He then congratulated the students on this unique accomplishment, referring to this as a permanent “compact between the university and the students”.

Dr. Talal Nezameddin, the Dean of Student Affairs, thanked the Outdoors Committee and its volunteers saying that “it is outstanding how many special and unique skills are involved in the outdoors: project management, team building skills, leadership skills as well as encountering and overcoming challenges before, during and after the event”. He spoke of how incredible it is for such a big group of people to work together under such difficult circumstances to raise such an enormous amount of money and then give back to their community.

The chairperson of the AUB 2016 Outdoors Committee, Riad El-Soufi, spoke of the committee’s commitment and motive behind funding this project saying that “this is a way for students to give back to AUB and namely to the students.” He spoke of the Outdoors Committee’s hard work and thanked Dean Nizameddin and VP Baalbaki, as well as the 600 volunteers who make the Outdoors happen, adding “we hope that this is only the beginning and that similar donations will be awarded to the AUB community by the Outdoors in the years to come”.

The attendees then cut the ribbon to officially inaugurate the new reading room and enjoyed some refreshments, as students passed by to see their new study area.

This project is especially distinctive for the Libraries because it is the first time a project gets funded and supported by students, for students . . .

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17 Nov

Library Opening Hours: November 22, 2016

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Dear AUB Libraries Users,

 Below is the schedule of the AUB Libraries on Tuesday, November 22, 2016:

  • Jafet Library: Open from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight
  • Science, Engineering and Saab Medical Libraries: Closed

Happy Independence Day!

AUB Libraries

15 Nov

Upcoming workshop: “Research Paper Clinic”

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Need help with Your research paper?

Join the University Libraries’

Research Paper Clinic!

Use the Library to:

  • Find books and articles
  • Cite Your Sources (APA or MLA)

When? Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm

Where? Antoun Ghattas Karam E-Classroom- Jafet Library

Who? Recommended for all Undergraduate students

Register here:
For more information, contact Jafet via email: or call 01-350 000 ext. 2620/9


14 Nov

Thesis Workshop Series – Workshop 2: “Finding Your Place in the Conversation: Thesis Proposal”

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The Graduate Council, the University Libraries, the Writing Center and the Institutional Review Board  at AUB invite you to

The Thesis Workshop Series – Workshop 2

“Finding Your Place in the Conversation: Thesis Proposal”

The topics presented include:

  • Thesis committee & deadlines (Graduate Council)
  • Writing a thesis proposal in your field (AUB Writing Center)
  • Introduction to the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Finding thesis abstracts in your field (University Libraries)

When? Monday, November 28, 2016 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Where? Antoun Ghattas Karam e-Classroom – Jafet Library

Registration link:  

07 Nov

The University Libraries host a book discussion about Linda Jacobs’ book, telling the story of the Syrian colony of New York City between 1880 and 1900

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More than 50 AUB community members, local authors and book lovers, as well as friends gathered on the afternoon of Friday, November 4th at Jafet library’s lobby to discuss Dr. Linda K. Jacobs’ book entitled “Strangers in the West: The Syrian Colony of New York City, 1880-1900”.

The book traces the beginnings of the Syrian immigration and settlement in New York City, namely, around Washington Square on the lower west side of Manhattan and is thoroughly and expansively researched, based on a variety of sources including local newspapers, church records, city directories, private archives and photo collections and other documents to conceptualize the emergence and development of this distinctive community.

   The book discussion was moderated by Dr. Anaheed Al-Hardan, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies at AUB. Al-Hardan commenced the event by welcoming everyone to the AUB Libraries and to the event, letting them know about the book signing at the end of the discussion, and about the exhibit that the library put together in parallel to this event. She then presented Jacobs, talking about her educational and professional background and highlighting the importance of the topic, book and discussion.

After the welcoming word, Jacobs took the stage and told the story of the Arbeely family, which tells how the “first Syrian immigrant family” constructed an Arab and American identity by deliberately displaying both Eastern and Western faces. She gave a brief biography for each member of the family and spoke about their education and successes and about how they reflected on the Arab cultural and social qualities, even with things like their wardrobe, dancing, sword fights, prayers, or “arguilehs”. At the end of the presentation, Jacobs and the audience were happy to know that there were Arbeely family members present among the attendees during the event.

Unfolding the journey of writing this book, which began by putting the idea into perspective and then gathering all the information and challenging herself to put everything down on paper, Jacobs said that what triggered the whole process was her curiosity to know more about her grandparents and about their history.

Describing her book, Jacobs said that it is the “first and only book of its kind” telling the story of the Manhattan Arab colony “as it was, without racism”.

The audience’s participation was insightful and thought-provoking. Several attendees addressed Jacobs asking her about her book and her presentation, in addition to other areas of research related to Arab immigrants.

Asked about why the University Libraries chose to host this event, Dr. Lokman Meho, Director of the University Libraries said “The library attempts to always play a key role in the AUB community’s cultural and intellectual advancement. After all, the Library is the intellectual hub of the University. We couldn’t be happier to host this event and to welcome Dr. Jacobs at the libraries. “

The book discussion was followed by a book signing event, managed by Librairie Antoine, where event attendees received signed versions of their new copies of “Strangers in the West”.

An exhibit on Arab Immigration to America accompanied the event and will hold at Jafet Library-AUB until November 11th, showcasing photos, books, and content from the Arab press in America, all covering the Arab immigration to America. All exhibited material is from the AUB Libraries’ collections.

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02 Nov

Exhibit: ”Arab Immigration to America”

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The University Libraries are holding an exhibit  entitled: ”Arab Immigration to America

The exhibit includes photos, books, and content from the Arab press in America.

Where? Jafet Lobby-Exhibitions Area

When? November 4th till November 11th – All day

We invite you all to visit the exhibit and enjoy the University Libraries’ collections about this topic to learn more about the Arab immigration and to celebrate their successes abroad.

NOTE: This event is taking place in tandem with Dr. Linda K. Jacobs’ “Strangers in the West” book discussion hosted by the libraries on Friday, November 4th at 4:00 pm

01 Nov

‘AUB Libraries: More than 600,000 books and publications, and 1.3 million e-books’

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L’Orient Le Jour publishes a special feature on AUB Libraries and interviews Dr. Lokman Meho, University Libraries Director.

To read the article go to: