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30 Apr

Children’s Literature Book Fair – 2016

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AUB University Libraries was pleased to host a special event celebrating children’s book writing with talented students, keynote authors and publishers.

The event included an exhibit of the students’ projects, as well as short presentations by students about their books.

The displayed books are written and illustrated by AUB students as part of their final project for their Children’s Literature (Education 218) course, taught by Dr. Amal Bou Zeineddine.

The event was held on Friday, April 28th at 12:30 pm at Jafet Library’s main lobby, AUB.

The books will be on display at Jafet Library until the 4th of May, 2016.

28 Apr

University Libraries Opening hours during the Easter Vacation

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University Libraries wish you all a Happy Easter and happy holidays!

Please click here for our opening hours during the holidays.

Happy Easter – AUB Libraries

28 Apr

Second workshop of the Lecture series “Writing a Master’s Thesis: Research is a Conversation”

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The University Libraries held the second workshop of the lecture series entitled “Writing a Master’s Thesis: Research is a Conversation”, in collaboration with the AUB Writing Center and the Graduate Council and was catered for graduate students . The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at AUB was a new addition to the workshop which was entitled: ‘Finding Your Place in the Conversation’.

More than 20 graduate students from different faculties at AUB attended the workshop which was held on Monday, April 27th 2016 in the Antoun Ghattas Karam e-Classroom at Jafet Library.

During the workshop, many issues regarding the thesis proposal were discussed including thesis proposal committees and deadlines, how to write a thesis proposal, IRB application submission and review process, and how to find theses abstracts using library resources.

To know more about the previous workshop and about the lecture series, view our previous blog post.

For more information call Jafet on ext. 2621 or email

26 Apr

Workshop: Managing Your Research by Using EndNote

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The University Libraries (UL) in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at AUB organized a faculty-special workshop entitled: ‘Managing Your Research by Using EndNote’.

The workshop was held in the Antoun Ghattas Karam e-Classroom in Jafet on Monday, April 25, 2016 from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.

During the workshop, attendees were walked through the basics of the Endnote X7 software including creating an ‘EndNote Library’, setting up groups, exporting records from databases, attaching the full-text articles and using ‘Microsoft Word’ to insert citations and generate a bibliography.

The workshop served as a hands-on session, where faculty members applied the step-by-step process with the assistance of facilitators from Jafet, as well as from the Engineering and the Science Libraries.

The workshop was followed by an optional 10 minutes presentation about LibGuides, a library tool to create course guides.

For further assistance the attendees were directed to use the library guide on How to Use EndNote Client

For questions and additional help, please book a one-on-one session with a librarian, call ext. 2629 or email:

25 Apr

Designing Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews

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The Clinical Research Institute (CRI) in collaboration with the Continuing Medical Education (CME) office of the Faculty of Medicine at AUB is organizing a one-day workshop titled “Designing Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews”.

This workshop will help audience to develop skills needed for designing and reporting a highly sensitive search strategy for a systematic review. The workshop will include interactive presentation with live demonstration and hands-on searching. Download program.

The workshop speaker is Ms. Aida Farha, the Medical Information Specialist at AUB.

Registration fee is $150.00 per attendee.
N. B. A registration fee of $100.00 will be charged for individuals with valid AUB ID.

To register, please fill-out the online registration form available on the Continuing Medical Education  (CME) website.  Deadline for registration and payment is Monday, May 16, 2016. Places are limited.

Where: Olayan School of Business, Computer Lab 206, AUB
When: Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 8:00am to 3:00pm

For more information contact the Continuing Medical Education Office at or 01 350000 ext. 4718/4879.

About the Speaker: Aida Farha, BS is the medical information specialist at AUB and has more than 35 years of experience in this field. Ms. Farha has many publications and presented many conferences and workshops about computerized bibliographic and effective search strategies.

13 Apr

Grant for the ‘Palestinian Oral History Archive’ Project

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The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded $260,000 to the American University of Beirut for the Palestinian Oral History Archive (POHA) project.  The project is a partnership between two entities at the American University of Beirut (AUB), the University Libraries and the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI), as well as two external partners located in Lebanon, the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (AL-JANA) and the Nakba Archive (NA).

Under the NEH grant, the project will produce an online searchable digital platform featuring over 800 testimonies by first-generation Palestinians in Lebanon, hailing from over 150 uprooted communities in Palestine. POHA, which will be housed at the University Libraries of AUB, will digitize, index, catalog, preserve and make accessible over 1,000 hours of recorded audio and video material in the hope of stimulating research on and engagement in oral history, the experience of Palestinian refugees, and the modern history of the Middle East … read more.

This article was originally published in AUB News on April 1, 2016.

To find out more about the project please visit our webpage:

For a glimpse into the ‘Palestinian Oral History Archives’ rich collection of the testimonies of first generation Palestinian refugees in Lebanon watch this video Lest We Forget. The video was released on May 15, 2015 to mark the 67th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.

12 Apr

New Online Handbook Collections

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AUB Libraries is pleased to announce the acquisition of two new electronic handbook collections.

Handbooks in Psychology: A collection of handbooks published by the American Psychological Association and accessible through PsycBOOKS database. This database includes the full text of the entire multi-volume series APA Handbooks in Psychology’. Sample titles are: APA Handbook of Career Intervention; APA Handbook of Ethics in Psychology; APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology; APA Handbook of Men and Masculinities; APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology; APA Handbook of Nonverbal Communication; APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology; and APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology.

Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO): A collection of electronic handbooks published by Oxford University Press. The collection contains in-depth, high level scholarly review articles and covers a wide range of subject areas such as archaeology, business, classical studies, criminology, economics, history, law, linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, political sciences, psychology and religion. Sample titles are: Oxford Handbook of Arabic Linguistics; Oxford Handbook of Banking; Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics; Oxford Handbook of Civil Society; and Oxford Handbook of Dance and Theater.

For additional online handbooks, reference works and books search the following databases:


For questions and help Ask a Librarian, call extension 2620/1 or e-mail:

06 Apr

Manoug’s Magic Lantern: Views onto Lebanon

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“Manoug’s Magic Lantern – Views onto Lebanon” photographic exhibition

  • Place: AUB, West Hall, Malhas Common Room
  • Exhibit: Monday April 4 – Wednesday April 6, 9am-8pm
  • Opening Event: Monday April 4, 2016 at 6 p.m.
    (please refer to think link for event details)


In this exhibit AUB Libraries showcase 90 photos from its recently acquired collection of the work of Manoug Alemian (1918 – 1994). The exhibit offers a rich and varied sampling from Manoug’s oeuvre, ranging across dates (1940s – 1990s), subjects (portraits, landscapes, festivals, crafts, etc.) and media (silver gelatin, color prints, negatives and transparencies).

It is no exaggeration to state that Manoug’s photographic oeuvre, much like a magic lantern, transports the viewer into a realm from which an iconic image of pre-war Lebanon, one that influenced an entire generation, sprang. Using his keen photographic eye and a distinctive “artistic-documentary” style, Manoug offered a seamless combination of mimesis and metaphor: the landscapes, archeological sites, crafts, portraits, and visual juxtapositions that constitute Manoug’s photographic art helped construct and reinforce a way of seeing the Lebanese nation that came to pervade the psyche not just of the Lebanese, but of a wider audience of Arab and international viewers.

Manoug’s photography is a blend of faithful documentation and high artistry: it functions on the one hand as mimesis, a depiction of Lebanon’s beauty and specificity, and on the other, as metaphor, an affirmation and construction of that specificity: Manoug’s oeuvre carefully selects local elements and weaves them, through a highly skilled photographic artistic technique, into an iconic discourse of the Lebanese nation.

Hundreds of photos in Manoug’s oeuvre meticulously reproduce and document the nation’s lush nature, its stunning coastal cities and powerful mountainous landscapes, its unique archeological sites, and its deeply rooted history. At the same time, Manoug’s artistry highlights specific aspects of Lebanon, incorporating them as elements of a visual style that would eventually define a peculiar Lebanese “locality” and mode of life. His lens captures, reinforces, and puts on display Lebanon’s spiritual (read Biblical) and deep (read Roman and Phoenician) roots, history and legacy; its modernization (read Westernization) that brings about urban centers that are put on par with exemplary modern urbanities (Lebanon as “the Switzerland of the Middle East,” as a “bridge between East and West,” Beirut as the “Paris of the Middle East”); and its traditional village customs, local crafts and ways of life (peasants, farmers, shepherds, etc.). With fine skill, Manoug plays out light against shadow, and through a highly skilled and refined photographic technique both of image capture and of image development (photos were often framed and reframed by Manoug while being developed, with a view towards achieving a maximum expressive effect) Manoug distills the fine pure lines and the “spirit” inherent in any landscape, portrait or scene. The result is a highly expressive artistic “outdoors” photography (in opposition to the more familiar form of artistic studio photography where it is much easier to control light and shadow): Manoug, by hunting and capturing light at the right moment, manages to distill the interplay of light and darkness with extreme sensitivity, and to imbue his black and white photographs with highly crafted emotional meaning and resonance.