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18 May

Aida Farha, Head of Saab Medical Library receives AUB President’s Service Excellence Award

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The University Libraries proudly announces that Ms. Aida Farha, Head of the Saab Medical Library has received the President’s Service Excellence Award for 2014.

Aida received the award along with 3 other AUB Staff members, during a ceremony held by President Peter Dorman on Monday, May 18th at 12:00pm in Assembly Hall.

Ms. Farha has been working at SML for more than 35 years since her graduation from AUB with a BS in Pharmacy.

Presenting Aida at the award ceremony, President Dorman said: “Throughout her years at SML, Aida managed to transfer knowledge and research methodologies to a wide audience. Many people extol her positive attitude and teaching style.”

When remembering her career path at UL, Aida claims that at the beginning she always wondered why there were so many staff members in a library. After joining SML she said she realized how valuable the job of a medical librarian was. “As the medical librarian, I realized my job helped in saving patients’ lives, healthcare professionals’ time and healthcare cost. Aida says.

Aida says that she always feels awarded after helping any user get needed information. For Aida, this had always been her true reward. She regards the President’s Service Excellence Award as a second, reassuring honor, encouraging her work.

“I still remember the time a physician called me at home to say that I saved his life! He had attended one of my workshops and after a few months he fell ill. He went to see a specialist who could not cure him. He then remembered the way I taught him how to retrieve information and was able to find a solution on his own and recovered . . . ” Aida says.

Upon receiving the award, Aida said: “I would like to thank everyone that I have helped these 35 years, because it is through them that I was awarded twice. Additionally, I would like to send special thanks to my previous boss, Ms. Hilda Nassar, my current boss, Dr. Lokman Meho and my dear assistant, Mrs. Layal Hneiny who was the one who worked hard to achieve this after she strongly believed I deserve the Award.”

An article about the ceremony was posted on the AUB website:

12 May

Ziyad Yamut of the University Libraries, a multitalented persona

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Ziad Yamut, Library Assistant at the Architecture and Engineering Library in AUB, is also a multitalented persona. In this article you will meet the artistic side of Ziad, the musician, painter and photographer.

Ziyad has been a member of the LAU Choir since 1993 singing as a tenor. He initially started out in 1991 with the Beirut School of Fine Arts Muwashahaat & Tarab choir and has been singing ever since. He was also with the AUB choir in 1991 and recalls singing during the Miss AUB Pageant. Ziyad refers to his great Oriental voice as a genetic gift from his parents.

As a child, Ziyad Umar Yamut was fascinated with art and he would always envision himself as an artist. His art work started when Ziyad created his first set of Graphite and Ink drawings after the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon in 1982. He was 17 years old then.

Until today, Ziyad uses abstract imageries in his paintings and sculptures. He enjoys making sculptures- mainly in clay, and designs logos as part of his interest in graphic design.

As for photography, it started with the birth of his nieces and nephews and is now an additional hobby he enjoys.

Talking about his art, Ziyad says: “Singing at school, institutes, and universities, in addition to participating in many local and international festivals made me understand how fine arts and performing arts refine your being . . . when you sing, draw, sculpt, and photograph you find yourself interconnected with creative ideas that take you away from the physical materialistic world.“ When asked about his motto in life, Ziyad said: “Be yourself no matter what they say.”

Despite being a full-time employee at AUB Libraries for many years now, Ziyad pursued his studies and graduated on May 31, 2014 with a BA in Public Administration from AUB. AUB’s Outlook Student Newspaper wrote about Ziyad back then. You can read the article here:

23 Mar

Ziad Kaj, University Libraries staff member, publishes his new novel about Ras Beirut, its history, its structure and the memories he constructed throughout the years he lived in it

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Honored friends, colleagues and family members gathered at Dar Al-Nadwa in Hamra on the afternoon of Friday, March 20th, 2015 to attend the book signing event of Ziad Kaj’s new novel entitled: “Ras Beirut: Sunduk fi Bahr, Narr ala Tallah“.

Through his novel, Kaj tells his own versions of the stories of Ras Beirut, remembering faces, names and streets and reminiscing about events and conversations of the past.

The novel mentions AUB many times and addresses the question of “Which came first, AUB or Ras Beirut, as we know it?” According to Kaj, AUB and Ras Beirut are two correlated and inseparable places. They are two entities, sewn together by culture, structure, and history.

Kaj has been a part of the AUB family since June 1985 and- after 30 years- he says that AUB is his second home. Kaj says that he was always attracted to AUB and to its grounds, even before he was “officially” an AUBite.

In addition to this book, Kaj has published 5 other books, all by Dar Nelson: “Kana ‘alayk an taqlub al-sullum” (poetry), “Amirka uhibuki, ana la uhibuki “(poetry), “Awlad al-natur al-sabiq” (novel), “Al-hayah kama quddimat lahum” (novel), “Layali dayr al- qamar” (novel).

Kaj is also a skillful painter and enjoys the arts. He held his first painting exhibit, along with a book signing event a year ago.

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19 Feb

Digital Imaging Specialist at the University Libraries receives 1st place award in the Gebran Tueni Foundation photography competition

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Youssef Doughan, Digital Imaging Specialist at the AUB University Libraries received the 1st place award in the annual photography competition organized by the Gebran Tueni Foundation for the year 2014.

His winning photo, entitled “A Symphony of Waves” portrays the photographer’s fascination by the sight of crashing waves. He describes the scene saying “The ever changing ephemeral forms are just so hypnotic. This image was a tribute to the beauty and power of water. It was about freezing a moment of time and enjoying it forever.”

Doughan says that photography is his passion and when asked to describe his hobby he adds, “It’s like this zest to just create. Always recognizing new scenes, new frames, and stories to tell. Expressing the inexpressible. . . It’s like Pablo Sandoval said: “A guy can change anything. His face, his home, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, his God. But there’s one thing he can’t change. He can’t change his passion.” The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)”. “Simply put”, he adds, “photography is my passion.”

To see more of Youssef Rached Doughan’s photography, visit: or or follow him on Instagram: @ydoughan

About the Gebran Tueni Foundation

Gebran Tueni Foundation was established in December 2010 by family members: Myrna El-Murr Abu Charaf, Lina Ghariyos, Siham Tueni, Nayla Tueni and Michelle Tueni, for socio-cultural purposes, namely to support the dreams of the youth. The Gebran Tueni Foundation also includes honorary members who were friends of Gebran Tueni and close to him. For more visit:

10 Feb

Elie Semaan, University Libraries’ staff member retires after many years of service

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Staff members gathered on a September afternoon in 2014 to bid farewell to a long-standing, proud member of the University Libraries, Mr. Elie Semaan, who retired after serving at AUB for 44 years.

During January of 1971, Elie was offered his first job at the University Libraries at AUB while he was still continuing his education, majoring in Law. On a daily basis, Elie would leave the office early to go to university and pursue his bachelor degree. He was among the first employees who were offered such an arrangement.

He graduated in 1975, at the outburst of the Lebanese war, and remained at the libraries, awaiting the end of the war. But the war years were long, and he moved from one role to the other, within the libraries’ departments, until he attained the title of “Head of the Acquisitions Department”. He showed up to work daily, despite the war and its difficult times and remained loyal to AUB and to the Libraries throughout the years.

In the year 2000, Semaan assumed the role of “Secretary” of the Workers and Staff Syndicate of AUB and was later assigned as Vice President of the syndicate.

Talking about AUB, Semaan says” AUB is a grand, grand institution and we should all support it with all what we’ve got. .. Individuals will come and go, but this institution remains and will remain to raise many generations to come… Once we leave this institution, we realize what it means to us, and what benefits it offers us.”

He adds” Had I been able to stay and offer more work and service to this institution, I would. But unfortunately, everything eventually comes to an end. I wish AUB continuous prosperity and progress”.

03 Dec

Nawal Naamani, beloved librarian at the University Libraries leaves us

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Nawal Mekdashi Naamani, beloved member of the AUB Libraries’ family for 43 years, passed away on November 30th , 2014 in Beirut. She was 70 years old. Nawal joined the AUB University Libraries as a bibliographer in 1965 and went on to serve in a variety of capacities at various Library departments including Serials, Reference Services, Circulation, as well as in the Engineering and Architecture Library. Ms. Naamani was appointed as Head of Circulation Department in 1979. During her time at the AUB Libraries, Nawal trained, supervised and inspired many staff members and student assistants.  Ms. Naamani retired in July 2008.  Ever since her retirement, she has been missed by staff members and grateful patrons and researchers who GOT used to her friendly presence, and who often described her as a “miracle-worker” and as an “inimitable librarian”.

Nawal graduated from the Beirut College for Women (now Lebanese American University) in 1965, earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Teaching Diploma. She later pursued a Master’s degree in Library Science from the London University School of Librarianship and Archives in 1970.

“I was very lucky to have had her as a supervisor and mentor for eight years as a student assistant in Jafet Library.  She was a true inspiration. She made me love this profession and played a big role in encouraging me to go to the U.S. and pursue my studies in Library Science. I learned a lot from her. She was such a devoted member of the University Libraries. She will be missed dearly.” said Dr. Lokman Meho, University Librarian.

The staff at the University Libraries expressed great grief when they learned about her passing away, remembering the passion she had for her work. Many recalled how she used to always be the first to come and the last to leave the office; how she would call her staff in the weekends to check on them; how she would never shy away from doing the work herself, be it boosting a staff member’s morale, or pushing a trolley full of books, or shelving a big pile of books. She, along with several UL staff members, held on to the AUB Libraries during the Lebanese civil war and survived the College Hall Explosion. She was there to bring Jafet back up on its feet, even if it meant she needed to sweep away the dust and stay at the office for long hours. The phrase “she was a very sweet lady” came up whenever a staff member was informed about her passing away.

Nawal Mekdashi Naamani was married to Nabil Naamani and is survived by her husband and two daughters, Engineer Nada Naamani and Dr. Nadine Naamani Maarouf, as well as by her two granddaughters.

May her soul rest in peace . . .

29 Jun

Samar Mikati receives President Service Excellence Award for 2014

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On May 14th, 2014, Archives Librarian, Ms. Samar Mikati, has received the President Service Excellence Award, awarded to AUB staff members who have shown continuous outstanding performance and public service, and have gone beyond the call of duty in helping AUB students, patients, and fellow colleagues and employees.

Ms. Mikati joined Jafet Memorial Library in 2001 as Library Assistant in the Archives Department. In 2004, she was awarded an AUB scholarship to pursue an MLIS degree at Simmons College. Upon her return to AUB in 2005, and until the present, she serves as the Archives Librarian at the Archives and Special Collections Department.

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