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13 Jul

UL Staff members recognized as AUB staff veterans

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During the 2016 “President’s Service Excellence Award” ceremony that was held on July 12th at Assembly Hall, AUB acknowledged 78 staff members who have served the University for 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years . These staff members have distinguished themselves through their long tenure as AUB employees.

This year, the University Libraries proudly recognizes 5 of its staff members for their long years of dedication and service:

–          Adel HAWI- 40 years
–          Aida FARHA- 35 years
–          Nadine KNESEVITCH- 35 years
–          Antoine  HAIKAL- 30 years
–          Ziad KAJ- 30 years

The UL family would like to congratulate and thank its longstanding members and wish them all the best for the upcoming years . . .

To read more about the ceremony, see the news on the AUB website:

23 May

AUB Libraries take part in the 3rd Lebanese Library Association Conference

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The AUB Libraries took part in the 3-day annual conference organized by the Lebanese Library Association (LLA), entitled: “Thinking Together: Innovate, Share, Preserve and Access”. Hosted by the Lebanese American University (LAU), the conference was held between May 18th and May 20th and was preceded by a pre-conference workshop on May 17th.

The pre-conference workshop was delivered by Dr. Lokman I. Meho, the AUB University Librarian and was entitled: “Use of bibliometric tools and techniques in collection development and management”. The objective of the workshop was to train professional librarians on the effective use of bibliometric tools and techniques in the acquisition, selection, de-selection, and weeding of non-Arabic books and periodicals.

During the interactive workshop, Dr. Meho spoke of how to assess the quality, value, significance, and impact of books and journals, and decide whether to buy, subscribe to, keep, or discard them (if/when necessary). Dr. Meho presented a number of criteria and factors that can be used (e.g., use statistics, cost, uniqueness, relevance, date and place of publication, intrinsic characteristics, physical condition, and research value) and discussed a number of relevant data sources (e.g., Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, Journal Citation Reports, and Scimago Journal Rankings). The workshop ended with several exercises on how to assess the research value of books and journals via citation-based indicators, such as citation count, h-index, journal impact factor ranking, and so on.

During the LLA conference, Ms. Basma Chebani, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services Department and Mr. Elie Kahale, Head of Digital Initiatives and Imaging Department presented the Al-Ādāb Magazine archives, an AUB project lead by both of their departments.

Al-Ādāb Magazine, a literary and cultural Journal, established in 1953 by Dr. Souhail Idris, was published in print from 1953 till 2012, and is considered as an Arab cultural platform, despite the Arab States censorship. It focused on movements in literature and culture in the Arab world and it included files in political thought, poetry, novel, short stories, movies criticism, theater, and general culture.

The aim of the project is to preserve Al-Ādāb Magazine and to produce a searchable, full text database of the Magazine. Users will eventually be able to browse and access the metadata and the full text of the journal online at the volume, issue and article levels. Full text and index search by author, title and subject will be available using simple and advanced search techniques and full text articles will be available for downloading. The searching on the metadata (author, title and subjects) will also be available through the Library Online Catalog (OPAC).

The presenters focused on the major activities and main challenges during the creation of the Al-Ādāb Magazine online archives, especially when dealing with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Arabic language during the conversion of the digitized magazine pages into full text that is ready for search and downloading from AUB Libraries Content Management System.

For more about the conference and about the LLA, visit

04 Feb

UL staff member taking part in upcoming “SOS ART LIBAN”

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We are glad to announce that Ms. May Talhouk, a member of our Archives and Special Collections staff is taking part in the upcoming  event entitled: “SOS ART LIBAN“, a community art show and event of creative expressions for Peace and Justice.

May is a talented artist and has been painting since she was five. She has taken part in several exhibits and displays.Join the event to enjoy May’s work, as well as the works of many other local talents.

What? “SOS ART LIBAN” exhibit

When? February 19 – 25, 2016
Where? The Palais de l’Unesco, Beirut

Opening ceremony is on Friday, February 19th from 6 to 9 pm

SOS ART Liban is organized in partnership with SOS ART Cincinnati-USA, Wahdatouna Khalassouna (commemorating the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war) and l’Agenda Culturel.

Biography: May Talhouk

May Talhouk is a deaf painter.

Her paining talent was discovered when she was five years old. During the civil war in Lebanon, she took painting lessons at the Hamawi Art Center- Ras Beirut, where she lived nearby, and graduated with a Painting Diploma, acknowledged by the Lebanese Government.  May’s paintings emphasize vivid colors, which reflect her inner feelings of joy for life, and at the same time her peace of mind expressed by the transparency of her technical expressions.

In 2004, May graduated with a BA degree in Art History from the Gallaudet University in Washington D.C., the only university for the deaf in the world. May was the first prize winner in the International Art Competition for Deaf Students in Larnaca- Cyprus in the year 1992.

May has exhibited from 1995 until 2015 seven solo exhibitions, and eight collective ones in Lebanon, Washington D.C., and London.

For information, contact May via e-mail: or visit her website:

“Read More” to view the event’s Schedule and Program of Events  . . .

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16 Dec

“UL’s Got Talent” this holiday season

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This year we are not only celebrating the holiday season at the University Libraries, but also the UL staff members’ talents and hobbies via the “UL’s Got Talent” exhibit.


On Friday, December 18th at 3:00 pm, the libraries will hold the opening ceremony of the exhibit


At the lobby in Jafet Library

The ceremony will include shows and talents presented by the talented UL staff.

Staff and visitors are afterwards welcome to enjoy the exhibit, which will remain at the Lobby for the upcoming weeks.

Happy holidays from the University Libraries.

13 Nov

Standards and support urgently needed for Arab region’s libraries say experts at ALA/SIBF

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This article was published at:

To read more about this:

More governmental support is needed for library education in the UAE said, Shaikha Al Muhairi, Head of Cultural Resources Centre, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority during the final session of the joint conference between Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) and the American Library Association (ALA) held at the Expo Centre on 11- 12 November.During a session that looked at Library Information Systems (LIS) education, Shaikha Al Muhairi said that academic libraries in the UAE needed government backed standardisation and accreditation, adding that there were no scholarships for LIS education in the UAE at all. “We have scholarships for almost every other subject but there are none for higher education, undergraduate or master’s degrees in UAE,” she said. “Government organizations can provide the budgetary support and the advocacy of librarianship as a profession. Currently, what libraries in the UAE need urgently are recognized industry standards; accredited educational programs tied to standards, and customized personal development opportunities.”The session called “LIS Developments in the MENA Region: Moving the Profession Forward” also heard from Dr. Lokman Meho, Director University Libraries, American University Beirut, Lebanon who gave an overview of LIS education in the Arab world. He said, “People used to ask why do librarians need an education and were surprised to learn that there were degrees for librarianship,” he said. “Thankfully things have changed since the 1950s as thousands of information centres, including libraries emerged and needed people to run them.”  He said there is a huge disparity in the availability of LIS education in the region, with the UAE lagging behind with only one active course, in comparison Egypt has 22.

This has meant an over reliance of overseas recruitment and there were further problems of finding appropriate teaching resources in Arabic, he added. Dr Meho made a number of recommendations for improving the situation in the Arab region including provision of advance graduate-level LIS education as most LIS programs are still mainly at the undergraduate level; improve information technology infrastructure by providing more computer labs, equipment, and software, digitization labs, electronic and smart classrooms as many of these resources a currently shared with other courses; improve faculty-student ratio with more qualified faculty and less crowded classrooms and also, he said, there was a need for good, informative websites for the LIS programs as currently there none. “Those that are there are not doing a good job and we need to market or publicize the value and significance of the libraries and the profession as most students have never heard of the field before enrolling in the LIS programs. Most people are unaware of the many services that libraries offer,” he said.

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28 Sep

Staff Group Photo at Library Open Day: A Team Building Exercise

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This year’s Library Open Day was a tribute to AUB’s 150th anniversary. As usual, the event featured many games and competitions and a number of prizes, vouchers and small gifts.

This year, however, in addition to the usual eventful day, the libraries had a special opportunity offered by Promax Adventures and Fitness to take an Aerial View group photo of Library staff forming the words “AUB Libraries”. The staff used plain A4 papers, in addition to their own bodies to write the phrase.

UL Staff met on Thursday, September 17th at 9:00 am at Jafet’s main entrance and headed to the Green Oval where the group photo was taken. The photo took a lot of effort, but was successfully completed in around 40 minutes.

The photo was a group effort and was a true team building exercise. It will be a souvenir to remember forever. Go team UL!

22 May

UL Staff members recognized as AUB staff veterans

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During this year’s “President’s Service Excellence Award” ceremony, held on May 18th at Assembly Hall, AUB acknowledged 87 staff members who have served the university for 30 years or more and who have distinguished themselves through their long tenure as AUB employees.

This year, the University Libraries proudly recognizes 3 of its staff members for their long years of dedication and service:

– Ibrahim Yunis – 40 years of service at AUB (left)

– Hanna Bassar – 40 years of service at AUB (center)

– Rabih Bu-Sahli – 30 years of service at AUB (right)

The UL family would like to congratulate and thank its longstanding members and wish them all the best for the upcoming years . . .

To read more about the ceremony, see:

18 May

Aida Farha, Head of Saab Medical Library receives AUB President’s Service Excellence Award

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The University Libraries proudly announces that Ms. Aida Farha, Head of the Saab Medical Library has received the President’s Service Excellence Award for 2014.

Aida received the award along with 3 other AUB Staff members, during a ceremony held by President Peter Dorman on Monday, May 18th at 12:00pm in Assembly Hall.

Ms. Farha has been working at SML for more than 35 years since her graduation from AUB with a BS in Pharmacy.

Presenting Aida at the award ceremony, President Dorman said: “Throughout her years at SML, Aida managed to transfer knowledge and research methodologies to a wide audience. Many people extol her positive attitude and teaching style.”

When remembering her career path at UL, Aida claims that at the beginning she always wondered why there were so many staff members in a library. After joining SML she said she realized how valuable the job of a medical librarian was. “As the medical librarian, I realized my job helped in saving patients’ lives, healthcare professionals’ time and healthcare cost. Aida says.

Aida says that she always feels awarded after helping any user get needed information. For Aida, this had always been her true reward. She regards the President’s Service Excellence Award as a second, reassuring honor, encouraging her work.

“I still remember the time a physician called me at home to say that I saved his life! He had attended one of my workshops and after a few months he fell ill. He went to see a specialist who could not cure him. He then remembered the way I taught him how to retrieve information and was able to find a solution on his own and recovered . . . ” Aida says.

Upon receiving the award, Aida said: “I would like to thank everyone that I have helped these 35 years, because it is through them that I was awarded twice. Additionally, I would like to send special thanks to my previous boss, Ms. Hilda Nassar, my current boss, Dr. Lokman Meho and my dear assistant, Mrs. Layal Hneiny who was the one who worked hard to achieve this after she strongly believed I deserve the Award.”

An article about the ceremony was posted on the AUB website:

12 May

Ziyad Yamut of the University Libraries, a multitalented persona

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Ziad Yamut, Library Assistant at the Architecture and Engineering Library in AUB, is also a multitalented persona. In this article you will meet the artistic side of Ziad, the musician, painter and photographer.

Ziyad has been a member of the LAU Choir since 1993 singing as a tenor. He initially started out in 1991 with the Beirut School of Fine Arts Muwashahaat & Tarab choir and has been singing ever since. He was also with the AUB choir in 1991 and recalls singing during the Miss AUB Pageant. Ziyad refers to his great Oriental voice as a genetic gift from his parents.

As a child, Ziyad Umar Yamut was fascinated with art and he would always envision himself as an artist. His art work started when Ziyad created his first set of Graphite and Ink drawings after the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon in 1982. He was 17 years old then.

Until today, Ziyad uses abstract imageries in his paintings and sculptures. He enjoys making sculptures- mainly in clay, and designs logos as part of his interest in graphic design.

As for photography, it started with the birth of his nieces and nephews and is now an additional hobby he enjoys.

Talking about his art, Ziyad says: “Singing at school, institutes, and universities, in addition to participating in many local and international festivals made me understand how fine arts and performing arts refine your being . . . when you sing, draw, sculpt, and photograph you find yourself interconnected with creative ideas that take you away from the physical materialistic world.“ When asked about his motto in life, Ziyad said: “Be yourself no matter what they say.”

Despite being a full-time employee at AUB Libraries for many years now, Ziyad pursued his studies and graduated on May 31, 2014 with a BA in Public Administration from AUB. AUB’s Outlook Student Newspaper wrote about Ziyad back then. You can read the article here:

23 Mar

Ziad Kaj, University Libraries staff member, publishes his new novel about Ras Beirut, its history, its structure and the memories he constructed throughout the years he lived in it

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Honored friends, colleagues and family members gathered at Dar Al-Nadwa in Hamra on the afternoon of Friday, March 20th, 2015 to attend the book signing event of Ziad Kaj’s new novel entitled: “Ras Beirut: Sunduk fi Bahr, Narr ala Tallah“.

Through his novel, Kaj tells his own versions of the stories of Ras Beirut, remembering faces, names and streets and reminiscing about events and conversations of the past.

The novel mentions AUB many times and addresses the question of “Which came first, AUB or Ras Beirut, as we know it?” According to Kaj, AUB and Ras Beirut are two correlated and inseparable places. They are two entities, sewn together by culture, structure, and history.

Kaj has been a part of the AUB family since June 1985 and- after 30 years- he says that AUB is his second home. Kaj says that he was always attracted to AUB and to its grounds, even before he was “officially” an AUBite.

In addition to this book, Kaj has published 5 other books, all by Dar Nelson: “Kana ‘alayk an taqlub al-sullum” (poetry), “Amirka uhibuki, ana la uhibuki “(poetry), “Awlad al-natur al-sabiq” (novel), “Al-hayah kama quddimat lahum” (novel), “Layali dayr al- qamar” (novel).

Kaj is also a skillful painter and enjoys the arts. He held his first painting exhibit, along with a book signing event a year ago.

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