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15 Mar

Graduate Research, Thesis, and Publishing Series- Writing Your STEM Thesis: Advice from a Panel of AUB Professors

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Graduate Research, Thesis, and Publishing Series – STEM Thesis

The Graduate Council, the University Libraries, and the Writing Center invite you to the thesis workshop:

Writing Your STEM Thesis: Advice from a Panel of AUB Professors

Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Location: College Hall-Auditorium B1

Register here:

Join us to lean about the thesis

  • General format
  • Literature review
  • Useful advice
  • Research methods, results, discussions
  • What readers look for
  • Other related topics


  • Dr. Ahmad Dhaini (Computer Science, FAS)
  • Dr. Assaad Eid (Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology, FM)
  • Dr. Mutasem Fadel (Civil and Environmental Engineering, FEA)
  • Dr. Pierre Karam (Chemistry, FAS)
  • Dr. Samir Mustapha (Mechanical Engineering, FEA)

Moderator: Dr. Erin Zimmerman (English, FAS; Director of The Writing Center)

This workshop is also beneficial to students from other disciplines

All graduates students are welcome to attend. 

For more information, contact Jafet Library via email: , or via extension 2629

02 Mar

Exhibit: The gendered Archive: AUB Libraries Collections related to women

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On the occasion of Women’s International Day, the University Libraries- Archives and Special Collections invite you to an exhibit


The gendered Archive: AUB Libraries Collections related to women


Date: March 8, 2018-March 15, 2018

Place: Jafet Library- Main Lobby

For more information, contact the Archives and Special Collections department at Jafet: , ext.2609/10

26 Feb


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Du 5 au 9 mars, 2018 à Beyrouth et Balamand

En partenariat avec Université Saint Joseph (USJ), Université Libanaise (UL), Université de Balamand (UoB), l’American University of Beirut (AUB) et l’Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK)

Coordination scientifique : Frédéric Imbert (Ifpo)

For more information: Contact the Archives and Special Collections Department at Jafet Library: ; ext.2609/10

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20 Feb

Librarians from the AUB University Libraries take part in the eighth international conference on effective teaching and learning in higher education

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Two Librarians from the University Libraries participated in the eighth international conference on effective teaching and learning in higher education, an annual meet-up for academics and researchers from different local, regional and global educational institutions. This year, the conference focused on endorsed trans-formative learning and was co-hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), the Office of Information Technology, and the Communication Skills Program at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) at AUB.

Nabila Shehabeddine, Research and Instruction Librarian, presented with Jasmina Najjar, Instructor at the Communication Skills Program. They discussed the collaboration between them to help students understand and identify fake news.

The presentation, entitled: “The Medium is the Message: two different writing assignments to aid students in identifying fake news” explained how integrating creative assignments into the classroom helped students realize how easy it was to create their own fake news and provided them with hands-on experience to know what elements construct fake news. The Libraries supported the learning process by providing best-practice tools and reference material and then published a Research Guide about fake news to benefit the AUB research community.  The session was attended by more than 50 people, and was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Joyce Aways, Research and Instruction Librarian, presented a poster about an ongoing initiative she is working on at the University Libraries, which assesses the effectiveness of the Libraries’ instruction program.

Taking the library sessions of English 102, English 203 and English 204 classes as a sample, Aways presented the data collected through pre and post tests completed by the attending students before and then after the one-shot session offered by the Libraries. The assessment helps in evaluating the content and the effectiveness of the sessions and it allows the Libraries to methodically revisit the sessions and improve as needed. The project is ongoing and the plan is to integrate such assessment tests into other library instruction sessions. Several attendees stopped by the poster and asked interesting questions about this initiative.

The conference was an ideal platform for education professionals to share knowledge and network.

Click here to read more about the eighth international conference on effective teaching and learning in higher education.

24 Jan

New Student Orientation at Jafet Library, (Feb. 6-8)

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New to AUB?

Join us for a quick library tour in Jafet Library-Main Lobby on February 6, 7 and 8, 2018

 Register here to choose your preferred time.

Know more about:

  • Borrow and return books
  • Find Journal/News articles
  • Research Help
  • Study Areas
  • Computer Lab
  • And more

Looking forward to seeing you!

For more information, contact Jafet via email: , or via phone on  extension 2620.

11 Jan

Mohammed Al-Sharekh, Chairman of the SAKHR Software Company, visits AUB to discuss Artificial Intelligence and Modernization of Arabic Language

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More than 70 AUB faculty members, visitors, librarians, as well as professionals and researchers from universities and institutions across Lebanon gathered on the morning of Thursday, January 4, 2018 at West Hall, Auditorium B, to attend a discussion about “Artificial Intelligence and Modernization of Arabic Language” by Mohammed Al-Sharekh, Chairman of the SAKHR Software Company.

The discussion was in Arabic and was moderated by Dr. Ghassan Mourad, Computational Linguistics professor at the Lebanese University.

The head of the Research and Instruction Services department at the University Libraries, Mrs. Fatmeh Charafeddine, welcomed the attendees and introduced Al-Sharekh and Mourad.

Mr. Al-Sharekh spoke about his journey of founding Sakhr Software Co. in 1982 and its achievements in developing technical solutions to meet the unique requirements of Arabic language. The company became a pioneer in introducing Arabic language to the computer and proceeded in developing solutions including an Arabic OCR software, an Arabic Natural Language Processing technique, an automated dictionary for modern and automated solutions for Arabic verb tenses and letter punctuation. Sakhr is the only company in the MENA to hold multiple US patents for Arabic computational linguistics.

Dr. Mourad commended al-Sharekh on his many achievements and highlighted the importance of Sakhr innovation and software, which, after all these years, still represent a valuable tool for modern-day computer/communication experts. Mourad inquired about the challenges that faced – and still do face- the company. Al-Sharekh explained that the company had to stop its activities due to the lack of support from governmental agencies in funding research activities and in protecting the company’s products from plagiarism.

Asked about what he was doing now, Al-Sharekh explained that he was working on collecting and digitizing an archive of Arabic intellectual journals and posting them online for the public to access and read.

Al-Sharekh also writes short stories and articles and is an art collector with a very valuable and elite art collection

Click on the following link to see the video of the event:

20 Dec

الذكاء الاصطناعي وتحديث اللغة العربية

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تدعوكم مكتبة الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت لحضور محاضرة بعنوان

الذكاء الاصطناعي وتحديث اللغة العربية

Artificial Intelligence and Modernization of Arabic Language

للأستاذ محمد الشارخ، مؤسس شركة “صخر” للحاسوب العربي

 (Computational Linguistics ) يحاوره الدكتورغسان مراد، أستاذ اللسانيات الحاسوبية في الجامعة اللبنانية

الزمان: الخميس في 4 كانون الثاني/يناير، 2018 –  الساعة 11 صباحاً

 West Hall, Auditorium B – المكان: الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت

The lecture will be in Arabic only

للمعلوملت عن الأستاذ محمد الشارخ يمكن الاطلاع على الروابط التالية

السيرة الذاتية

معلومات أخرى

للمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى التواصل مع مكتبة الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت عبر البريد الالكتروني

أو الهاتف على المقسم2620

11 Dec

Jerusalem: a Photographic Exhibit

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The AUB University Libraries-Archives and Special Collections and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at AUB invite you to an exhibit entitled

“Jerusalem: a Photographic Exhibit”

Opening Ceremony: Wednesday December 13 at 5:30pm

Exhibit Dates: December 13 till 22, 2017

Place: Jafet Library -Main Lobby- AUB

For more information about the exhibit, contact the Archives and Special Collections Department by email: or on extensions 2609/10.

28 Nov

“Elsewhere”: a painting Exhibit

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A painting Exhibit

By Henry Matthews

Opening: Wednesday, November 29, 2017, at 7:00 pm

Continues from Thursday November 30 to Friday December 8, 2017

Daily from 12 noon to 10 pm

Jafet Library Lobby

American University of Beirut

16 Nov

University Libraries’ Faculty Open House

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The University Librarian, Dr. Lokman Meho, cordially invites you to attend the University Libraries’ Faculty Open House.

The Open House is an opportunity for faculty members to meet their subject librarians, learn about the libraries’ new services, and share their teaching and learning needs and ideas with the librarians.

Date: The Open House will take place over 2 days to accommodate faculty members’ busy schedules

Thursday, November 23, 2017 (Register here)

Friday, November 24, 2017 (Register here)

Time: anytime between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

Location: Jafet Library- Main Lobby

  • Meet your subject and instruction librarians
  • Add library resources to your course readings
  • Design a Research Guide for your course
  • Get information on where to publish and authors’ rights
  • Discover the libraries’ Archives and Special Collections
  • Get Research Data Management guidance
  • Check the libraries’ new arrivals
  • Order books, journals and articles

One lucky faculty member will win a 200€ voucher for books from Brill Publishers.